When I die

When I die.

When I die
I want those of you who are still around
And who love me
To share in my ashes
In the proportion that my spirit remains with you
According to the principles of the Tao
And I want each of you
To hold my ashes in your presence
Until such time
As you realize what is the fitting way
For you to return those ashes to the earth
And as you return those ashes
Whether in the rain or the sand,
The sea or the soil
Whether fertilizing a tree
Or blowing in the wind,
I want you to consider that these elements
Which I had temporarily rented
Are the stardust of the universe
Which momentarily hung together
To permit my spirit to emerge
And that spirit still remains within you
As ripples in your soul
And I want you to temper any sadness
With the joy of the love
My spirit brought to you
And to feel the blessing
Of the miracle we shared
Of our temporary conscious presence
As part of the infinite universe of
Energy coalescing
Into life.

What’s The Point?

What’s the point?

The beauty of it is that when you arrive at the point

You see that it’s connected to another point

And another point

And so many other points

That you begin to recognize

That it’s really

Not a point after all


And you see that the full stop

Is really so full

With everything that’s come before

And everything still to happen

That it’s really not a stop

Just a coming and a going

A moment to pause

And notice


And when you get to the period

You look up and see

That it’s all part of a much greater period

That encompasses all the other periods

That have been

And are yet to come


At which point

You notice that the point

Is one point in an infinite connection of points

That fill the universe

And that the point of it all

Is no point at all




Trust that the breath you exhale

Will be followed by another one

In its own good time.


Trust that the wind biting your skin

Will eventually give way to

The warm kiss of the sun.


Trust that smiles invite,

That frowns conceal,

That eyes can be a gateway to the soul

And that words don’t always mean

Exactly what they say.


Trust that hurt will lead to closure

For a while

Until it’s over

And you open up again

A little bit stronger.


Trust that the bird gliding overhead

Won’t deposit droppings on your face

And if it does

You can always clean it off.


Trust in trust.

Trust in the fact that

Trusting won’t always take you where you want to go

But not trusting

Never will.

Rhythms of Joy

Smiles caressing.  Bodies beaming.  Eyes rejoicing.
Beats inviting.  Intertwining.
Joy arising.  Rhythm beating.  People joining.
Past and future. Separating.  Walls encroaching.
People – rhythm – dancing – rising.
Waking from a deepened slumber.
“It’s OK” a voice inside me.
Breaking through the walls enclosing.
Music – rhythm – waking faster.
Shattering the glass enclosure.
Freedom calls the joyful dancer.
Cruising on the waves of laughter.
Does the gull consider falling?
Do the waves forget their swirling?
Does the ecstasy take pause to fear
As it flies through the rhythms of joy?

Finding the li? It’s easy! You see…

It’s easy, you see, to find the li,

Since the li’s all around, everywhere you can see.

When you hear that bird tweet in the trees

When you feel the warm sun through the breeze

Then you’ve found it, you’re in touch with the infinite li.

It’s easy, you see, to find the li,

Except when we lock it away for no-one to see

When we seal it up with the barriers of self

Through our constant pursuit of happiness and wealth,

Then we blind ourselves to the infinite li.

It’s easy, you see, to hear the li

Since it’s bubbling up all the while within me

Those trillions of cells dancing effortlessly

Cheek-to-cheek in free choreography,

I’m in touch with – I am – the infinite li.

It’s easy, you see, to feel the li

When you surf the waves of the ceaseless sea

When dancing the dance of ecstasy.

Since love is the li’s connectivity

My li is in you, and your li is in me

So our li is our true immortality.

I give thanks…

I give thanks to the trees, the sun, the trails, the wind, for being there.

I give thanks to my lungs for breathing me.

I give thanks to Pete Townsend for Baba O’Riley.

To Keith Moon for drumming me.

To Roger Daltrey for singing to me:

“I don’t need to fight to prove I’m right.

I don’t need to be forgiven…”

I give thanks to William Blake for telling me

“You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.”

I give thanks to my mind for carrying me along in its currents.

I give thanks to my li for sustaining me.